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ecoNect. Environmental Monitoring & Education

ecoNect. Environmental Monitoring & Education

We develop tools to understand nature and increase awareness



Our devices are small, don't need much power and work everywhere - from the Himalayas to the Mariana trench. They are developed by scientists and based on scientific case studies - we know what works.


Our machine learning models are only limited by your imagination - train them on agricultural pests,  panda bears, or whatever interests you. Our cloud solution will ultimately provide you with customized analyses of your data.

Expert Advisory

We are experts in environmental monitoring, biodiversity research and embedded device  development. We use the latest technology for best performance.

Environmental Awareness

Our devices can integrate many data sources coming directly from nature. Using our devices in schools or at home helps to improve environmental awareness in young minds. And ultimately to solve global challenges by and for future generations.

Our work is featured in:

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97% accuracy of our ecoNect on-board machine learning models for scientific biodiversity monitoring 

Our monitoring devices are field tested in Latin America and Asia, scientifically sound, and have been repeatedly shown to perform what they promise.

100% technology-based environmental education with our monitoring system for international high school education

We are expanding our work with high schools in China to the US and Europe to bring AI tools, an understanding of global challenges, and nature closer to the next generation of future leaders.


“It is amazing to use the ecoNect system to see and identify the different  visitors on cocoa flowers. It is something completely impossible with currently existing methods. 

Dr. Manuel Toledo-Hernández | Cocoa Pollination Expert

Cocoa landscapes Brazil
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